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  1. Cioccogrissini Milk Chocolate

  2. Cioccogrissini Milk Chocolate

    Price:  32.00Lei

    According to tradition: bread and chocolate. A simple idea, but at the same time a delicious and surprising taste: The classic breadstick of Piedmont covered with milk or dark chocolate 

    Exterior :  Milk Chocolate Coverture 70 % and Dark chocolate couverture 70%

    Inside :  Bread Sticks , Wheat Flour, Non – Hydrogenates vegetable oils 11%, malt extract 2 % , Salt , Brewer’s yeast.

    Allergens:It may contain traces of sesame seeds, tree nuts, eggs, milk.

    Box size: 10 x 4.5 x23.5 h cm

    Available weight: 150 g 

    Best before: 1 year