Best Italian pralines on the market     –     No preservatives and palm oil !

  1. Pralines Mint(mint liquor)

    Price:  125.00Lei

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    Filled with an inimitable mixture with chocolate and mint essential oilfrom organic farming, contained in a cup of milk chocolate and covered with dark chocolate.

    Outside: dark couverture chocolate, milk chocolats.

    Inside: white chocolate, semi-skimmed milk, alcoholic  peppermint flavor 5%, water  dextrose, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, invert sugar, essential peppermint oil  0,1%. Flavoring.

    Allergens :  It may contain traces of Hazel nuts , Pistachio, Almonds , Sesame. 

    Net weight: 17/20 g

    Best before: 8 months

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